A lot of people have this on their wish list: I wish Mystery Skulls was an animated series. If they did, here's what I hope the voice actors would be.

Lewis-Nestor Carbonell (Luis Dubuc while singing)

Arthur-Will Fridel

Vivi-Kelly Hu

Mystery-Jerry Jewell

Duet-Johnny Yong Bosch

Chloe-Tara Strong

Mr. & Mrs. Pepper-Michael Sinterniklaas and Estelle (respectically)

Aunt Jenna (The Woman)-Grey DeLisle

Dick Left (The Lawyer)-Sam Riegel

Seinor El Mysterimacho (The Wrestler)-John DiMaggio

Mr. Preacher (The Priest)-Michael Sinterniklaas

Dark Spirit (The one that possed Arthur)-Frank Welker

Uncle Lance-Rodger Craig Smith

Maestro Leopold (if his creator would allow it)-Luis Dubuc

Luca (if his creator would allow it)-Todd Haberkorn

That's the cast. I would like to put the episodes up, but I'll save that for a seperate blog. Tell me what you think. Thank you.