Mystery Skulls Animated - Freaking Out is a Flash animated music video created by Mystery Ben featuring the track Freaking Out by Mystery Skulls. The video was released on YouTube on April 15, 2016 and is a sequel to Ghost.


Just outside of the cavern, Shiromori emerges from the ground as Arthur's possessed arm is seen leaving the cavern. Shiromori goes inside looking for Mystery, but when she tries to grow a flower tied to his essence it wilts, meaning that he is nowhere to be found. Frustrated, she pounds her fist against the wall and leaves. When Lewis' spirit flows out of the cavern, she grows a flower tied to his essence. She then eagerly follows this new lead back to the ruins of the mansion.

There, she finds Lewis' broken heart and uses it to grow flowers tied to Lewis, Arthur, and Vivi's essences, but she cuts those off with her scissors as they are not who she is looking for. She then picks up the heart and concentrates, eventually growing a flower tied to Mystery. However, Lewis reforms and attacks her, punching her head off and taking back his heart. Her head regrows and the two of them get ready to fight each other. Realizing that she would lose her opportunity to find Mystery if she fights Lewis, Shiromori decides to escape and continue looking for Mystery. Lewis then finds Vivi's flower on the ground and picks it up, also finding Arthur's flower and stomping on it angrily.

Meanwhile, back at the van, Arthur is on his laptop looking at various sightings related to Lewis as a truck drives by. He looks at an old photo of their friends while Vivi sleeps. Vivi's eyes begin to glow and Lewis disappears from the photo, which seems to upset Mystery. Mystery, curious on what Arthur is doing, starts attempts to peak over at his laptop while in his kitsune form which makes him jump up in fear, waking up Vivi. Vivi wonders what Arthur is afraid of and Mystery just shrugs sheepishly. She then goes back to sleep. Just then, a petal from Shiromori's flower blows in front of Mystery and he realizes that she is tracking him.

Back at the mansion, Lewis puts petals from Vivi's flower in his heart, healing it. Just as he leaves the mansion, he gets run over by the truck seen earlier and he takes the opportunity to possess the truck. The driver (named Rooster) escapes just as Lewis takes it over. Lewis slams the gas pedal and drives off to find Vivi and Arthur.






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