???[1] is the green spirit that possessed Arthur's left arm.

Appearance Edit

??? is a green-colored left arm with a decrepit black wristband.

In it's profile and "Freaking Out", ??? has a green eye in the middle of its palm with black sclera.

Trivia Edit


???'s Profile on Mystery Ben's blog.

  • It is unknown the reason why this spirit is running away from Shiromori, or the reason why it wanted Lewis dead.
  • It is unknown who this spirit actually is. All we know is that possessed Arthur's arm and possibly tried to frame him for killing Lewis.
  • For the first half a second of 0:11 in Mystery Skulls Animated "Freaking Out" ??? appears to be in a cold sweat from seeing Shiromori as indicated by a bunch of light green dots which momentarily appear and cover ???'s 'body'.
    • This indicates that ??? and Shiromori may have met before.


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